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Virgin Voyages - Cruising Into The Future

Author: Michelle Donaldson Cruises are a popular travel choice, and why wouldn’t they be! They make everything easy, from dining to exploring. Each year ships get renovated to include more extravagant and up to date attractions. GoKarts are fun and fine amenities are, well, fine - but all of these updates are like putting a new coat of paint over where it has chipped. Not much has truly changed about the cruise experience itself.

Cue Virgin Voyages. Yes, that Virgin. The radio-mobile-health-racing-whatever else you can name-company is expanding their vacation sector to include luxury cruises that reinvent the cruise experience. The company aims to elevate cruising to the travel standards of 2020 and beyond. You know that we value the upscale travel experience here at Vacationista Travel, so of course we were instantly excited when we heard about the innovative changes Virgin is making to cruising. The world is yours to travel - and it’s about time for a new way to do it in style.

The Scarlet Lady

The Virgin Experience From when you first look into booking a Virgin Voyage, they work to make every moment personal and unique. Even your Vacationista Travel advisor is transformed into a First Mate, your nautical guide to an all new onboard adventure. You are not simply a guest, you are a Sailor - but don’t worry, they won’t be asking you to scrub the deck!

One major difference you’ll find aboard a Virgin Voyage is the absence of buffets! That’s right, at a time before COVID-19 Virgin was already planning on doing away with the classic eating option. To take their innovation one step further, they even got rid of the traditional dining room. All of their 20+ top tier restaurants are included in your cruise price, so there’s no reason not to try them all!

You’ll notice some other common aspects of cruising have undergone drastic changes as well. Many of the upcharges you deal with on other cruises have been eliminated, such as the dining costs. They have also included

  • Wi-Fi

  • Group Workout Classes

  • Gratuity

  • Basic Beverages

While this doesn’t include the booze pack, Virgin does offer their alcoholic beverages at a reasonable price for individual servings.

No longer is it a necessary compromise to purchase the whole package for you to enjoy a few glasses of wine with dinner.

We haven’t even mentioned one of the most exciting parts about Virgin Voyages cruises - they’re adult only! For those of us who are over the “family travel” phase or want to get away from it all with a special someone, this is HUGE. Less crowding, more peace and quiet - all of it leads to a more personal vacation experience.

The entertainment on board can be expected to blow your mind. This is Virgin we're talking about! Their current ship, The Scarlet Lady, has also been designed to feel like a small boutique hotel, from the shared spaces to the cabins. And don't even get us started about those cabins - can you say luxury??

The Virgin Voyage Not only is the experience onboard a breath of fresh air -- no seriously, they exchange the air on the ship to prevent that stale, recycled air feeling! -- but the destinations that are charted for Virgin Voyages are also unique.

All of the Caribbean itineraries thus far leave from Miami. These voyages range from four to seven nights. They each also visit one spectacular destination that is only an option with Virgin - The Beach Club at Bimini.

This upscale private beach club includes an enormous pool, multiple artsy seating areas, several bars, and excursion options that include shipwreck diving. Each itinerary also features entertainment on the beach ranging from DJ performances to bonfires.

Virgin is also already planning for a Mediterranean set of itineraries in the future. These are all seven nights and take courses normally charted by superyachts that include destinations such as Tuscany. All of the itineraries take extra time in the port of Ibiza for exploration.


We can't wait to head to the port of Miami to try the new-and-improved cruise experience. Virgin Voyages is promising to set the bar higher than ever before, and by the looks of it they are ready to deliver!

From the lack of a traditional dining room to the exclusive ports of call, every aspect of cruising seems to have been elevated. These new cruise standards offer an exciting non-traditional take on the most tried and true vacation - and we can hear Virgin Voyages calling your name!

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