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Beach Wedding: Plan Carefully for a Blissful Day!

Beach weddings can be beautiful if you plan carefully. If you've been to the beach, you know with the sand, surf, wind, sun- from weather to water, it can be unpredictable. But with the tips below, you can help divert some of these challenges:


Winds and waves can be noisy. Check on a microphone and speaker system. Or arrange your guests seating as close to your alter.


Provide hand fans and water during the ceremony to keep your guests comfortable and focused on your nuptials. Consider the heat when choosing yours and your bridal parties gowns & suites.


Although candle light is gorgeous at the alter (see pic above) you should arrange for LED candles or you risk the candles not staying lit. Talk with your hair stylist on best hair styles based on your hair and what it will look like should you experience a windy day.


Ensure a contingency plan with your venue, wedding planner, or resort.


Make a ceremony site less enticing to scavenging birds by not placing any food items in the area.

We are destination planning specialists - we can help guide you through these unique situations based on our first hand experience because afterall, how dreamy, gorgeous, is a beach wedding! #destinationweddings

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